ADA Announces New Partnership for Advertising and Sponsorship Sales with Harborside

Published by Conor Lynch One year ago

CHICAGO, September 29, 2021—The American Dental Association (ADA) has named Harborside of Huntington, New York, its exclusive agent for advertising and sponsorship sales. Harborside will be responsible for advertising and sponsorship sales for ADA Publishing, SmileCon™ and the ADA’s comprehensive product portfolio that includes database licensing, coding resources, custom surveys, continuing education, customized patient education and much more. The agreement is effective immediately for future sales starting January 1, 2022.

“We selected Harborside after a rigorous review process. They use sophisticated techniques to communicate sponsors’ messages in ways that provide engagement leading to sales – what advertisers and sponsors really want,” said Jim Goodman, CMP, CAE, senior vice president of the ADA’s Business Group. “In addition, Harborside’s deep understanding of the health care space, proven success with scholarly, scientific publications, as well as business and news publications made them the ideal partner to support the ADA’s efforts to use its multiple channels to match sponsorship messaging with audience in data-driven and effective campaigns.”

“Harborside is delighted to partner with the ADA on their magnificent product portfolio, which includes the premier sources of information for the dental profession,” said Anthony Cutrone, president of Harborside. “We thank our colleagues at the ADA for their selection and look forward to working with the many companies who help support the ADA’s important work as strong advocates for public health while growing their own businesses.”

The sales agreement includes advertising and sponsorships for these ADA resources:


  • ADA News, ADA News Digest, ADA News Convention Daily. ADA News is the No. 1 media brand in the dental industry when measured by combined publication and website reach, readership and ad exposure.
  • ADA Morning Huddle, a daily e-newsletter, including weekly sends for Finance & Operations, Weekend Edition and New Dentist Weekly



  • The Journal of the American Dental Association, which ranks as the best-read scientific journal in dentistry (Published in partnership with Elsevier.)
  • JADA Foundational Science, a new cross-disciplinary, open-access journal to bridge basic and clinical sciences in oral-health research. (Published in partnership with Elsevier.)
  • PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry provides dental professionals with curated, crossdisciplinary research in dentistry and medicine. (Published in partnership with Elsevier.)



  • Dental Practice Success: ADA’s leading business publication
  • New Dentist News and New Dentist Now created for a highly important demographic audience in dentistry—dentists under 10 years in practice



  • SmileCon™ advertising and sponsorships to help connect ADA members with industry innovation



  • Health Policy Institute services and consulting, including customized surveys
  • Database licensing
  • ADA Custom Publishing offers a full suite of sponsored multimedia offerings, including e-books, whitepapers, multimedia and webinars through highly focused campaigns to help connect members and marketers to discover and learn.
  • Sponsored books and brochures customized based on company goals and objectives
  • ADA Vendor Showcase offers marketers a robust digital advertising platform


“We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership to support our advertisers’ objectives, using the ADA’s market-leading positions with the best-read publications in the industry and world-class events, and expand their connection with our members.” Goodman said.

Visit ADA’s media kits to learn more about the association’s suite of media solutions and ADA’s business product portfolio.

Explore and learn more about Harborside and the company’s versatile capabilities or contact John DuPont, vice president of strategy and growth, at


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