Harborside Launches OncGenius, a New Quiz Platform

Published by Liz Janetschek Pasini One year ago

Harborside, a leader in medical publishing and communications, has launched a new quiz platform for clinical healthcare providers in oncology. The platform,, provides participants with the opportunity to test their knowledge of oncology news, research, trends, history, and more, as well as the ability to track and view their scores.

“Harborside has long been committed to providing our audience with the high-quality content and education they need through multiple channels. OncGenius continues that tradition in another innovative format, leveraging gamification so that our audience can continue to monitor the latest developments in oncology—and have fun while doing so,” said Conor Lynch, Executive Vice President of Harborside.

OncGenius is refreshed multiple times per week, giving users the chance to regularly test their knowledge through new quizzes on trending topics and breaking news. The questions are developed by Harborside’s team of editors, writers, and clinical experts, most of whom have been covering the oncology landscape for decades.

“There is a long history of friendly quizzing among oncologists. In 2022, Harborside sits at a unique vantage point within the space to create an alternative learning approach, with education at its core,” said Lee Schweizer, Chief Digital Officer of Harborside.

In the future, OncGenius will expand its offerings to include image-, audio-, and video-based quizzes. In addition, users will be able to see how their performance compares to that of their colleagues through a leaderboard feature.

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